Better records management and collaboration with your clients

All the management tools you need to create efficiencies, and manage your clients.

“Working as an independent, freelance firm that provides Corporate Secretarial services to organizations, CHRISTINET Consulting Inc. is able to effectively administer and distribute any vital information through the KoreConX. KoreConX has given us a single point of access in managing our client’s informational needs. We are able to reference confidential documents, and key contact info all within an easy to navigate environment, while ensuring that the best governance practices are being fulfilled. KoreConX provides us with the complete solution for board information management.”

Christina Wilton,
CHRISTINET Consulting Inc

KoreConX is what you use when you want to better serve your clients. We make it easy to be transparent with and better collaborate on corporate information, and we have
banking-grade security on top of it all.
Unlimited organizations, documents, and users means that it doesn’t matter how many clients you have, KoreConX makes it easy for you to manage them all through one
convenient dashboard.