Built with Due Diligence and Compliance in Mind

Meeting your due diligence and regulatory requirements is simple with KoreConX

With KoreConX, your records are always complete, your due diligence requirements are managed in one easy system, and you can rest easy knowing that the companies you’re working with are staying compliant and managing their shareholders properly. Our CCO Module is your master control room for due diligence, allowing to you review, evaluate, and approve or decline potential deals, and communicate with the companies you’re working with in a secure environment. No application crosses your desk until it’s 100% complete, saving you time.

KoreConX works for you, helping you meet the highest compliance standards as efficiently as possible.

“Working with KoreConX CCO Module to complete my compliance-related
responsibilities has made our business a better one. We have complete records for KYC and KYP for every deal we’ve ever done or looked at, and we’re able to go through the due diligence process faster, and approve investor so our deal flow is much better.”

David Clarke, Chief Compliance Officer
(CCO) KlondikeStrike.com