Get a better business engine

Deal flow is what keeps your business running, and with KoreConX, you can optimize it while reducing compliance costs.

Using KoreConX ensures that companies raising capital come to the table prepared for due diligence, with everything you need to make a decision prepared and accessible in one organized place. The deal room within KoreConX provides companies the opportunity to apply directly to broker dealers, using the due diligence checklist of that broker dealer.

Our CCO Module allows you access to all of the information you need on every company you’ve worked with, including those that have already closed or were declined, meaning your records are also complete. Meeting your due diligence requirements to the highest standard gives you the edge you need to be successful. Using KoreConX to conduct your due diligence saves you time, and makes compliance easy while reducing risk.

“KoreConX’s secure portal solution is a game changer for equity crowdfunding,” said Jason Park, president and CEO of VentureMarket. “This partnership will allow our portal to screen companies faster while maintaining the quality of analysis that we require. It will also allow us to provide tools that will improve shareholder communications and transparency for our issuers. These benefits cannot be understated in our ever-evolving private capital world.”