A better foundation for Merger & Acquisition due diligence

Sharing the information you need for M&A transactions in a secure and efficient way with KoreConX. No more sharing your sensitive and confidential corporate records via unsecure email.

“At WAFU we believe that companies with easy to access secure corporate documents, provide for better board and shareholder supervision and result in companies that are better and more transparently managed and consequently command better valuations, not just during a capital raise, but also, and most importantly, at the time of the M&A exit, this is why we use secure software like KoreConX, which provides us with this capability in a turn-key all-in-one easy-to-use secure solution.”

Gil-Michel Garcia, CEO WAFU

KoreConX provides you with a secure deal room feature that allows you to share only the information you need to with the only the people you wish to share it with. Our system allows you to efficiently manage the process of of M&A transactions.