Transparency of financial information within a closed network is key

With KoreConX, you can manage and share financial and other information with key stakeholders or shareholders all within a banking grade secure system.

By using KoreConX’s easy to use filing system and management tools, you can efficiently maintain and share your financial records. Sharing the financials with the board and having full audit tracking of who looked at them is very useful. Keep your capitalization table up to date and provide relevant valuation information with shareholders so they are always up to date. Collaborating with stakeholders has never been easier or more efficient.

“Using KoreConX to manage the financial aspects of an organization is a breeze. I can share reports with relevant parties and always know when they have looked at them. Makes my job so much more efficient while at the same time gives me a tool to provide the transparency of information to all those necessary, and it is in a secure environment.”

David Gosselin, CPA,
Partner DBB McKennon