There’s no smarter way to raise capital

We built KoreConX with capital raising in mind

Our deal room will allow you to manage the process of raising capital all in one convenient place by simplifying and streamlining due diligence. You’ll have complete records of every funding application you complete, and never have to enter the same information twice. The deal room allows you to share your most confidential information in a way that is secure and efficient for both the company and theinvestor or purchaser. With connections to some of the world’s leading equity and debt-based crowdfunding portals, we make it easy to apply for funding.

“After successfully raising our seed round in equity crowdfunding, we found ourselves having to manage our shareholders. KoreConX allows us to manage and provide them their documents in a secure environment. As we now move to our second round, KoreConX’s DealRoom allows us to share our due diligence information with equity portals without ever having to leave the KoreConX platform, and the best part all of this is free..”

Laura Wagner, Founder, CEO Digitzs