Registered Transfer
Agent Services for the
Private Market

Ensuring compliance in multiple jurisdictions, investors benefit from online access to company records and control over shares through a single, easy to use platform. The KoreConX Transfer Agent is built for streamlined management of the ownership of company securities.

KoreConX Offers Efficient and Compliant
Transfer Agent Services


With integrated Portfolio management features for investors, they can always keep updated on the status of their holdings and all related documents and information.


Save time and money with the elimination of outdated practices such as manual paperwork and lengthy turnaround times.


KoreConX provides transfer agent services for private companies in the US (RegA+, RegD, RegCF), Canada, the UAE, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Manage Shares

Companies can easily access securities information

Issue and Track

The KoreConX Transfer Agent easily issues securities and tracks transfers between shareholders while eliminating the costly and outdated practices of manual paperwork and lengthy turnaround times. Updated in real-time, your company’s cap table always displays the most recent information and can be accessed from anywhere. Plus, Transfer Agent services built into the platform facilitates smooth information sharing between the company and Transfer Agent.

Build Investor Confidence

The independent and professional Transfer Agent service is committed to investor success and fostering an environment of trust between investors and the companies they hold shares in.

Cost Effective Solutions

Transfer Agent services shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg

No hidden fees

At KoreConX we think differently. There are no hidden fees or additional costs for more users. Manage unlimited users (shareholders) for a simple flat monthly fee.

Shareholder management capabilities

We understand how important your shareholders are to you. That is why we do not charge extra based on the number of shareholders. It includes a communications feature to make it simple to manage your outreach and fulfill reporting requirements.

Join the All-In-One Platform empowering private capital markets.

Free forever, KoreConX makes it easy for participants in private capital markets to manage their investment portfolios, raise capital, and meet global compliance standards along every step of the way.