Tag: KoreClient

by Oscar Jofre

KoreClient Spotlight: Peter Kassel, CEO and Co-Founder of HealthySole

Peter Kassel is the CEO and co-founder of Healthysole, a remover of 99.99% of infectious bacteria, viruses, and spores that are tracked on your shoes….

by Oscar Jofre

KoreClient Spotlight: Dr. Joseph McGinley, Founder and CEO of McGinley Orthopedics

Joseph C. McGinley. M.D., Ph.D. is a highly accomplished musculoskeletal intervention and sports medicine physician with over 15 years of experience in the field. He…

by Hannah Melotto

KoreClient Spotlight: Brent Fawson, COO of Facible

Working at Facible, Brent Fawson believes that the company is poised to leave a lasting impact on lives around the world by making medical diagnostic…

by Hannah Melotto

KoreClient Spotlight: Manny Villafaña, CEO and Founder of Medical21

Manny Villafaña has a long track record of innovation in the medtech space, delivering solutions to improve cardiac care and surgical procedures. In his latest…

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