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Jason Futko

Understanding Digital Assets

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about crypto, tokens, blockchain, ICOs, STOs, Digital Securities, etc.  What does it all mean and why ...
Oscar Jofre

Facebook’s Libra Reboots the Crypto World

Facebook Libra Project set's to rebook the crypto world. Since the announcement by Facebook of their Libra Project, everyone in the world came o...
Kiran Garimella

Who do you trust with your Crypto?

“The great thing about trustless cryptocurrency systems is just how many incompetents you have to trust along the way.” - David Gerard, author of A...
Kiran Garimella

The Right Technology – The Case of Mercury Cash

Nothing proves the wisdom of choosing the right technology for the right job than the case of Mercury Cash, a hosted-wallet solution for real-time ...