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by Oscar Jofre

Oscar Jofre Shares Thoughts of Banking Reform with StratCann

Oscar Jofre, the President and CEO of KoreConX, has long been a proponent of expanding access to capital for cannabis companies in the US and…

by Oscar Jofre

KoreClient Spotlight: Budding Technologies

Budding Technologies, Inc. is looking to change the cannabis industry with innovative technology and the use of blockchain through its product, Budbo.   The Budbo…

by Jason Futko

Biden to pardon all federal offenses of simple marijuana possession – Breaking News

As the decriminalizing of marijuana is being extensively debated across the world, President Joe Biden just took his first major step in this direction. Biden…

by Oscar Jofre

Cannabis Consumers’ Home Growth Increases Worldwide

As marijuana becomes increasingly legalized all over the world, an interesting trend is developing–an increase in the home-growing of the plant. This can be seen…

by Oscar Jofre

Global Cannabis Sales are Projected to Skyrocket

Cannabis has been legalized for both medicinal and recreational use in many states, and this is only expected to increase the demand for the product….

by Oscar Jofre

Arcview Access & Cannabis Investment Summit Takes Places October 19th-21st in NYC

If you’re an investor, cannabis company, or industry specialist looking to make connections in the legal cannabis industry, the upcoming Arcview Access & Cannabis Investment…

by Oscar Jofre

Potential and Impact of the Cannabis Sector on Jobs Creation

The cannabis sector is growing fast, and with it, the potential for job creation. A recent study shows that the cannabis industry could create and…

by Oscar Jofre

Private Capital Trends for the Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does the need for new methods of raising capital. Revenues have doubled over the past three years,…

by Oscar Jofre

Recapping Our All-Star June Podcast Guests

Throughout June, we were happy to host another set of excellent speakers to add to our KoreTalkX series, covering timely topics like digital securities, RegA+…

by Oscar Jofre

Can Cannabis Companies Use RegCF?

In recent years, public perception of cannabis is gaining positive momentum. As of April 2021, 35 states have made medical marijuana legal, with 18 of…

by Peter Daneyko

Credit Cards, Escrow, and Broker-Dealers for RegA+ = $75 Million for Cannabis Companies

  “It’s About Time”   Up until now, it was a real challenge for Cannabis companies to take advantage of Reg A+ exemptions that allow…

by Oscar Jofre

Cannabis: An Emerging Market for RegA+

Despite remaining illegal at the federal level, the idea of legalizing cannabis is continuing to gain public acceptance, especially in recent years. As of April…

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