Crypto for fluid transactions

A stablecoin is a digital (crypto) currency that is pegged to a reserve asset that is deemed to be relatively stable. Stablecoins are collateralized with the reserve asset that is held in independent custody. For maximum confidence, stablecoins ideally should be redeemable in the reserve asset for full value at any time and with no questions asked.

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Why are they used?

• To bypass the traditional banking system

• To ensure stability to the value of the payment instrument

• To ensure stable storage of funds

• To create fluidity in transactions

• To transact in a cost-efficient way (compared to the traditional payment systems)

• To provide transparency

Technology Capabilities

• POS System Integration

• Multinode blockchain network

• Smart contracts for implementing merchant agreements and compliant usage

• Contract management system

• Mobile App and Wallet

The KoreStable™ Advantage from KoreChain

KoreChain’s KoreNFT (kNFT) solution is specifically designed for creating and maintaining NFTs easily, without code, and with full compliance. The kNFT solution is built on the KoreChain and includes KoreContracts, KoreRules, KoreMessaing, and KoreAPI.

Digital Securities – KoreStable

The KoreStable is a full stablecoin solution that provides the capabilities to create, launch, manage, and operate stablecoins in a fully compliant way.

The KoreStable™ Advantage from KoreChain
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Free forever, KoreConX makes it easy for participants in private capital markets to manage their investment portfolios, raise capital, and meet global compliance standards along every step of the way.

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