Issuance Management

Simplify and Streamline the Capital Raise Process

With the KoreConX All-In-One Platform, manage your RegCF, RegA+ and RegD raises from beginning to end. With compliance simplified, companies can more efficiently meet obligations during their raise and manage shareholders afterward.

KoreConX is designed to facilitate compliant and secure fundraising


With integrated tools to maintain KYC, AML, and ID verification requirements, compliance is made easier and faster than ever.


The KoreConX platform manages the entire lifecycle of fundraising, from organizing the raise to managing future shareholders. Simplify the process with a single platform for all your company’s needs.


Backed by a fully permissioned blockchain, the KoreConX is the first for private capital markets and ensures security for its users.

Personal Branding

Personalize your fundraising experience with a platform personalized for your company

Private Label

Raise funds with your company’s own URL, branded with your colors and logo with a subscription agreement. After successfully raising capital, use the branded platform to manage new shareholders and more.


Easily Manage Regulatory Requirements

Investor Verification

With an integrated KYC tool that allows companies to operate in multiple jurisdictions, meet regulatory requirements through ID verification, AML, suitability, and investor accreditation. Empower compliance officers to easily determine if an investor is suitable to invest in your company.

Due Diligence and Reporting

Eliminate roadblocks in the due diligence process with the All-In-One Platform’s onboarding process ensuring complete documentation. The platform also features an array of tools designed to meet reporting requirements.

Accept Payments

Complete Fundraising Transactions

The KoreConX platform allows companies to accept credit cards, ACH (US only), ETF (Canada only), wire transfer, IRA, and crypto to receive funding.

Join the All-In-One Platform empowering private capital markets.

Free forever, KoreConX makes it easy for participants in private capital markets to manage their investment portfolios, raise capital, and meet global compliance standards along every step of the way.

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