RegA+ for Call Centers

by | Wednesday September 21, 2022
RegA+ for Call Centers

Every year, businesses lose approximately $75 billion because of poor customer service. Many businesses don’t have the qualified staff or resources to maintain an efficient call center. This is driving demand for call center services, and the industry is growing rapidly. By 2030, the call center market is expected to be worth $496 billion worldwide. To share in this growth, companies need capital, which  Reg A+ can help make available.


How can RegA+ help call centers?


While RegA+ is not a public offering, it still allows capital to be raised from both accredited and non-accredited investors. Companies must meet certain SEC requirements before they can issue a live offering. These include audited financial statements and compliance with securities laws at both the US federal and state levels. For investors, this allows for a certain degree of confidence, as they can review any provided information to make an educated investment decision. Additionally, RegA+ also offers lower capital-raising costs for call centers than going public and being listed on a securities exchange like the NYSE or NASDAQ.


Keeping Raises Compliant


For companies using RegA+, prioritizing compliance is essential for a successful offering; a non-compliant raise risks SEC penalties. When raising capital, some compliance matters include keeping a detailed and verified record of investors to ensure compliance with KYC or AML regulations and that the investor doesn’t pose a significant risk to the company. Companies also need to comply with ongoing reporting requirements; otherwise, a company risks violating securities laws. 


The Bottom Line

RegA+ can be a great solution for call centers looking to raise the capital to improve their operations and help meet the demands of a growing industry. 

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