KoreConX Launches Compliance Tool for Exempt Market Dealers (EMDs)

by | Tuesday February 9, 2016
KoreConX Launches Compliance Tool for Exempt Market Dealers (EMDs)

TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – February 09, 2016) – KoreConX is primed to make compliance much  easier for Exempt Market Dealers in Canada. Today KoreConX announces the launch of the  Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) Module.

The CCO Module

Exempt Market Dealers (EMD) have not had a solution to assist them with due diligence, KYP, KYC, suitability, and escrow until today.

“As a former member of the Ontario Securities Commission, I saw first hand how EMDs lacked the tools that they needed to help with compliance. Today I’ve been helping many EMDs to stay compliant, and I see this as game changing, finally bringing EMDs into this century,” said Jonathan Heymann, Director of Compliance and Registration at KoreConX.

The CCO Module brings automation to the EMD process for KYP (Know Your Product), due diligence, KYC (Know Your Client), suitability, and escrow to meet EMD compliance requirements with local provincial regulators. The CCO Module is ideal for EMDs that operate online Regulated Crowdfunding portals for debt or equity, or for traditional EMDs who simply want a more efficient way of dealing with their compliance requirements.

The exempt market is $150B and growing, and with the new exemptions that have recently come into effect such is the OM in Ontario, it’s poised for change and for growth. EMDs need tools like the CCO Module to ensure that their business is staying compliant, and that they’re well adapted to the changing market.

With the emergence of EMDs launching regulated crowdfunding portals it’s now become increasingly important to make sure that not only do you automate the front lines of your business, but the back office as well to meet the regulatory compliance requirements.

“Our goal at KoreConX is to bring a seamless solution to market to help all stakeholders and EMDs that are part of this ecosystem that companies rely on to raise capital. We have now made it easier for them to work together, and for EMDs to meet their compliance requirements,” said Manuj Grover, Director Business Development Canada.

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