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Free to sign up, KoreConX offers additional solutions to fit the needs of private companies, broker-dealers, and KorePartners. KoreConX offers subscription-based plans depending on the services or raise amount that your company will need.
Free Forever
Shareholder Management
Private Label
Free Forever Shareholder Management Private Label
Monthly Price Free Forever $150.00 $200.00
Unlimited Companies
Unlimited Shareholders
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Storage
Cap Table Management
Equity Management
Share Registry
Equity (all shares classes)
Digital Securities
Stable Coin
Promissory Notes
Revenue Share
Cap Table Sharing
Document Automation / E-Signatures
Equity Plan
Registered Transfer Agent/Share Registry
Secondary Market
409(a) or 820 report
Reports (CSV, PDF)
Portfolio Management
Manage all holdings
Manage pending investments
Exercise Options, Warrants
Transfer holdings
Trade holdings
View company reports, news releases
Ability to eVote for Shareholders Meetings, Resolutions
Personal Profile Management
Manager your personal profile
Manage your ID, AML, Verification
Earn KorePoints, Education
BoardRoom Management
Minute Book Ready
Unlimited Documents
Calendar Board Meetings
Committee Rooms
eSignature Resolutions, Agreements
DealRoom Management
Manage multiple rooms
Connect with providers
Set up your capital raise
Set up your offering
Manage your live offering
CRM data management
Reports by series of offering
Applications to providers
Shareholder Management (formely IR)
Manage Future Shareholders
Manage Meetings (AGM, Special Shareholder Meetings, One-on-One)
Shareholder Reports (Annual, Information Circular, Proxy, Monthly Quarterly, Financial)
AGM Planner (Before, During, Post AGM planner)
Media Releases
eVote (ability for your shareholders to vote online)
Messaging for Shareholders & Company
All-in-one Platform Private Label
Branding / private label
Registration & Login dedicated URL
Email Templates all Branded
Inside all-in-one platform Branding
Join the all-in-one platform empowering private capital markets.
Free forever, KoreConX makes it easy for participants in private capital markets to manage their investment portfolios, raise capital, and meet global compliance standards along every step of the way.

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