KorePartner Spotlight: Sean Levine, Managing Director of Entoro

Friday September 3, 2021

KorePartner Spotlight: Sean Levine, Managing Director of Entoro

With the recent launch of the KoreConX all-in-one platform, KoreConX is happy to feature the partners contributing to its ecosystem.


As an investment banker, attorney, securities analyst, entrepreneur, and consultant, Sean Levine has a wealth of experience in the private capital market. He began his career as a lawyer, holding four securities licenses at the time, working with a broker-dealer until the financial crisis. Sean then transitioned to the financial publishing industry, serving as the director of research at a large publishing house. In his last year in that role, the company had launched a newsletter on private deals as Regulation A and CF grew more popular, generating massive interest from retail investors. 


In 2019, Sean became affiliated with Entoro. At that point, Entoro had created a listing site for Regulation D and 506(C) investments that resembles a crowdfunding portal’s offer board. However, the firm also assists Regulation A and CF clients through compliance and baseline broker-dealer functions. Entoro is registered in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The team runs compliance checks such as AML and KYC in addition to OfferBoard, the listing platform. Few broker-dealers have a network of thousands of accredited investors to market offering deals. Plus, they have established a network of preferred service providers especially suited to these exemptions, as many other attorneys don’t have a comprehensive knowledge of Regulation A. In addition, Entoro operates Clear Rating, a third-party valuation service that helps companies and investors understand the value of their investments. 


Being a banker and an attorney, Sean has the expert knowledge to efficiently navigate the complexities of capital raising. With the continued growth of investment opportunities through exemptions like Regulation A and CF, Sean is excited about the benefits to everyday investors. He said: “It’s sad that regular investors feel that the industry is so against them. These kinds of deals, CF and A, it a huge opportunity for regular investors to get in before it gets to [the point of an IPO].”


In working with KoreConX, Sean has seen the investor funnel and how it has streamlined the process. Plus, there are some instances, for the issuers, where is it more beneficial for them to offer their securities through a standalone platform, which is where KoreConX comes in. Additionally, he feels that through their partnership, it is nice to have a transfer agent. 

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