One To Rule Them All

With a single-click, The KoreID credentials allow the user to be identified by regulated
participants, without filling out online investment forms

What is investor fatigue?

It can always be an issue to have all documents in hand, and retyping all information multiplies the risk of typos. The tedium and frustration often makes the individual give up in the middle of the process.

Where can I use it?

Any regulated participants displaying the KoreID icon. To qualify as a regulated participant, companies must show their SEC filings; broker-dealers, their CRD registration; banks and funding portals must be in good standing with FINRA. This allows the whole process to be seamless and compliant.

How does it work?

Wherever an individual sees the KoreID icon within the compliant KoreConX ecosystem - a company investment website, an SEC-Registered funding platform, a broker-dealer website, a bank - the regulated investment forms can be filled in almost instantaneously. All the information is only provided as needed and as authorized by the individual.

Is it safe?

The regulated platform will automatically detect that the individual already has a KoreID. As soon as the email address is entered, it will automatically prompt them for their KoreID credentials. It all happens inside KoreConX's KoreChain, a permission-based blockchain.

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