Investor Fatigue: One KoreID To Rule Them All

by | Wednesday September 7, 2022
Investor Fatigue: One KoreID To Rule Them All

One does not simply walk into investing, and that’s why we designed KoreID. Therefore, for the past few years, we have been educating people on how democratized access to capital has raised different opportunities for both entrepreneurs and possible investors in the private market. Entire ecosystems have been flourishing since the JOBS Act has empowered people to become investors. A couple of hundred platforms have surfaced, and it is more than natural that users, issuers, broker-dealers and transfer agents might have experienced doubts on what was the best path to follow in this new economy. Every step of the way, there are forms to fill out with your identification, your credentials, and all the other bits of information needed to satisfy the regulations. Compiling so much information at each stage is labor intensive, and generates what we call investor fatigue. 


The Fellowship of the Issuer


Regardless of the industry, a key component of any offering is to ensure the issuer follows all SEC and state securities laws. More importantly, working with a FINRA-registered broker-dealer gives investors confidence by verifying that the issuer has provided all required information for the investors to make a sound investment decision. 

But who checks the investor-provided information in order to assure compliance on both ends? The investors themselves can now rely on a safe tool that eliminates the friction of forms, document searching and all kinds of typos, once we are dealing with rather sensitive and personal information, such as documents, numbers and bank accounts. .

The Two (or more) Regulations


As both RegA+ and RegCF have been reshaping the private capital market, across the world, there are an estimated 4.7 billion people with the means to invest in it. The solution that KoreConX presents to verified, regulated participants allows them to add the KoreID to an individual. Companies will need to show their SEC filings, FINRA broker-dealers their CRD registration, and FINRA-Registered Funding Portals will need to be in good standing with FINRA. 

Anytime the KoreID icon is on a company website, an SEC-Registered funding platform, a broker-dealer website, or on any regulated, compliant parties inside the KoreConX’s ecosystem, the required information can be instantly filled into the regulated investment forms.


The Return of the Investor


The login interface is embedded into the web pages that use the All-In-One Platform. It is important to remark that  the information is only provided as as authorized by the individual when they log in to any of these regulated portals where it is needed.

KoreID eliminates the friction of investors spending time filling and re-filling forms with the same precious data again and again, as investors are allowed to provide their certified information with one single click, reducing the risk of corrupted data.

One KoreID to rule them all, regulated participants, and end the investor fatigue with secure technology, and free of charge for companies and issuers.

Join the All-In-One Platform empowering private capital markets.

Free forever, KoreConX makes it easy for participants in private capital markets to manage their investment portfolios, raise capital, and meet global compliance standards along every step of the way.

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