Empowering Private Capital Markets

KoreConX’s Infrastructure of Trust is the world’s first highly secure and fully permissioned blockchain designed to empower private capital markets. The ecosystem allows for fully compliant issuance, trading, clearing, settlement, management, reporting, and corporate actions for digital securities worldwide.

KoreConX Provides a Highly Secure Blockchain Ecosystem for Private Capital Transactions


Built on HyperLedger fabric, the Infrastructure of Trust goes beyond the capabilities of traditional blockchain technology to offer increased functions and superior security and safety.


KoreNodes operate in 23 countries, connecting companies with the registered entities they need to raise capital.


Transactions are validated in real-time by KoreNodes and recorded in an immutable, decentralized, fail-safe distributed ledger.


Launch digital securities in multiple jurisdictions

Global Digital Securities

Reach a wider pool of potential investors with fully-compliant digital securities under multiple exemptions around the world. KoreProtocols define how KoreContracts, a template for digital securities, can be designed.


A private and permissioned blockchain ecosystem

Essential Characteristics

Completely focused on the issuance, trading, and lifecycle management of fully-compliant tokenized securities in global private capital markets and decoupled from cryptocurrency. Highest level servers to support security and safety.


Fully permissioned, no forking, no mining fees, no gas fees, and no wallet. The KoreChain is highly secure with recourse for faulty transactions, less appealing to crypto-thieves and bad actors, can execute several thousand transactions per second with no economic waste or environmental impact.


An Essential Mechanism for Governance in the Infrastructure of Trust

Individual, Regulated Entities

Operating in 23 countries, KoreNodes are operated by regulated entities such as broker-dealers, secondary market operators, lawyers, auditors, transfer agents, due diligence providers, AML providers, share registries, corporate registries, custodians, regulators, and more. KoreNodes ensure validation and consensus of transactions so that digital securities are fully compliant with securities regulations, while regulatory oversight of operators ensure they are trusted participants.

Join the All-In-One Platform empowering private capital markets.

Free forever, KoreConX makes it easy for participants in private capital markets to manage their investment portfolios, raise capital, and meet global compliance standards along every step of the way.

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