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by Oscar Jofre

DigiMax Capital Corp Joins the KoreConX Global Ecosystem #11 July 2019

DigiMax a registered exempt market dealer in Ontario, Canada

July 11, 2019

by Oscar Jofre

KoreConX joins forces with BankRoll #05 March 2019

KoreConX is proud to announce a partnership with the RegA+ equity crowdfunding platform, BankRoll. While the KoreConX platform offers companies the tools to be fully compliant during a capital raise and to better communicate with investors, BankRoll provides the link between companies and the desired investors. The partnership guarantees that CEOs have all the steps of the process covered, in order to grow their business.

March 5, 2019

by Oscar Jofre

KoreConX Partners with Investment Fund Management Company, Stratigis #28 February 2019

 KoreConX is proud to announce a partnership with Stratigis Capital Advisors Inc. (“SCA”), a Canadian investment boutique with extensive experience in managing Investment Funds.

February 28, 2019

by Oscar Jofre

Global Fintech Thought Leader to speak at KoreSummit Miami 2019 #12 February 2019

KoreConX is proud to announce Dara Albright will be participating in the Investor Relations Fireside Chat at their KoreSummit in Miami next week. Mrs. Albright is one of the top global leaders when it comes to fintech and the crowdfunding movement, being one of its earliest pioneers. Her views, which have been published in leading-edge articles, white papers, webinars, and conferences have helped give birth to and shape the crowdfunding industry since its inception in 2011.

February 12, 2019

by Oscar Jofre

KoreConX announces its partnership with BlockchainAgility #25 October 2018

BlockchainAgility will become part of the KorePartner ecosystem, a group of selected broker-dealers, secondary market platform, capital markets platforms, lawyers, and compliance, Investor Relations, accounting and marketing firms that support the KoreConX security token protocol and adhere to our governance standards.

October 25, 2018

by Oscar Jofre

KoreConX announces its partnership with Evoke Capital #17 October 2018

KoreConX is proud to announce Evoke Capital will now be integrated into the company’s KorePartners ecosystem. Evoke Capital operates through a regulated broker-dealer in Canada and includes an international team of seasoned professionals and network partners representing all disciplines necessary to support a token sale.

October 17, 2018
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