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by Hannah Melotto

The 1% Broker-dealer & What you need to ask!

When working with FINRA Broker-dealer, it’s not enough that they simply have the required licenses that are necessary, so make sure to ask some questions: Are you registered in all 50 states Are you register for RegA+ It is also key to understand what they actually do when you are raising capital. These are some…

October 8, 2021

by Hannah Melotto

What is the difference between Title II, III, and IV Crowdfunding?

Through the JOBS Act, issuers can access new sources of capital to fund their business, create jobs, and provide new investment opportunities for everyday investors. Through the legislation, there are various options to choose from depending on which type of raise is best for a particular company. These different modes of fundraising are referred to…

October 4, 2021

by Hannah Melotto

Shareholder vs. Investor: What is the Difference?

When it comes to supporting a business, whether public or private, there are many ways to go about accomplishing it. There is the public stock market, common knowledge for anyone in the United States, and a central component in many discussions about the economy, and there is the private market. The private market was opened…

September 6, 2021

by Hannah Melotto

KorePartner Spotlight: Sean Levine, Managing Director and Head of Reg A & CF at Entoro

With the recent launch of the KoreConX all-in-one platform, KoreConX is happy to feature the partners contributing to its ecosystem.   As an investment banker, attorney, securities analyst, entrepreneur, and consultant, Sean Levine has a wealth of experience in the private capital markets. He began his career as a lawyer, and subsequently worked with a…

September 3, 2021

by Hannah Melotto

USA vs. Canada: Who Has Better Capital Raising Rules

When it comes to raising capital for your business, there is some confusion between rules in the United States and Canada. Can Canadian companies file for Regulation A+ like a United States company? Yes, but with some important caveats. The important thing that separates the two North American countries are some simple but distinct differences…

August 2, 2021

by Hannah Melotto

KorePartner Spotlight: Douglas Ruark, President of Regulation D Resources

With the recent launch of the KoreConX all-in-one platform, KoreConX is happy to feature the partners that contribute to its ecosystem.   For over two decades, Douglas Ruark has been involved in the corporate finance world specifically focused on SEC-exempt securities offerings.  In 1992, he co-founded Heritage Financial, a company specializing in sourcing commercial real…

July 30, 2021

by Hannah Melotto

What is the private capital market?

In recent years we have seen exponential growth in the issuance of private capital to companies in the US, nearly doubling the amount of money raised by public companies through Initial Public Offerings. The private capital market has dramatically changed in the last ten years as more investors have entered the playing field. This shift…

July 23, 2021

by Oscar Jofre

Meet the KorePartners: Louis Bevilacqua of Bevilacqua PLLC

With the recent launch of the KoreConX all-in-one RegA+ platform, KoreConX is happy to feature the partners that contribute to the ecosystem.    For the past 25 years, Louis Bevilacqua has served as a corporate and securities lawyer. After spending the majority of his time at large, international law firms, Louis discovered his passion for…

by Oscar Jofre

Shareholder Rights and Why They’re Important to Know

The first thought that comes to mind when someone says “shareholder,” is Wall Street, understandably, as Wall Street is home to the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ, the two largest stock exchanges in the world. In this sense, becoming a shareholder is dependent on owning stock. A common word in the financial industry, a…

by Hannah Melotto

What is the role of a CCO?

When it comes to business executives with acronyms, there are a few that come to mind fairly quickly: CEO (Chief Executive Officer), COO (Chief Operations Officer), and CFO (Chief Financial Officer). These are the well-known names, but there is one that has as recently as 2000 entered the business executive lexicon outside of the heavily…

June 7, 2021

by Oscar Jofre

KorePartner Spotlight: Brian Belley, Founder and CEO of Crowdwise

With the recent launch of the KoreConX all-in-one RegA+ platform, KoreConX is happy to feature the partners that contribute to its ecosystem.   Brian Belley, founder and CEO of Crowdwise, has always been passionate about investing and alternative investments. By training, Brian is an aerospace engineer, but the JOBS Act represented the culmination of his…

by Oscar Jofre

There is a Market for Your Private Securities

KoreConX is proud to announce the upcoming KoreSummit event, “There is a Market for Your Private Securities.” The event, co-hosted with Rialto Markets, CrowdCheck, and Fintech.TV continues our mission of powering private markets with a half-day event dedicated to enhancing education on the availability and potential of the secondary market for private companies.   On…

May 18, 2021

by Oscar Jofre

What is a Minute Book and Why is it Important?

Unlike the name suggests, a minute book is by no means minute. As a business grows, a well-kept minute book becomes an essential record of all important company meetings and allows for the information to be easily accessed when required. With an up-to-date minute book, it makes it easier for companies to keep track of…

by Hannah Melotto

What is Investor Acquisition?

If you’re a company that is in the process of raising funds for your business, you’re likely looking to do so with the help of investors. By trading a piece of your company in exchange for some much-needed capital, you can fund your ideas and the growth of your business. With Regulation A+ opening up…

by Hannah Melotto

Are You Ready to Raise Capital?

Whether you’ve raised capital in the past or are preparing for your first round, being properly prepared will help your company secure the funding it needs. Proper preparation will make investors confident that you are ready for their investments and have a foundation in place for the growth and development of your company. So if…

by Sara Hanks

How a Member of the Crowd Made Crowdfunding Easier

A while back, one of our favorite start-up clients called me and asked me to speak to a potential investor. Paul Efron, a resident of Arizona, wanted to invest in the company’s Regulation A offering. However, when he went onto the company’s website to invest, his subscription was rejected. The company was accepting subscriptions from…

by Hannah Melotto

Managing Your Investments in Private Companies

For investors, investing in private companies can be a beneficial way to diversify their investment portfolios. Whether the investment was made through private equity or RegA+, proper management can contribute to long-term success. However, once the investment is made, investors need to ensure that they are correctly managing their shares. With this in mind, how…

by Hannah Melotto

Can IRAs Be Used for Private Companies Investments?

Individual retirement accounts (commonly shortened to IRAs) allow flexibility and diversity when making investments. Whether investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, private companies, or other types of investments, IRAs can be useful tools when saving for retirement. While traditional IRAs limit investments to more standard options, such as stocks and bonds, a self-directed IRA allows…

by Hannah Melotto

KoreConX CEO Oscar Jofre was Recently Interviewed on DNA Podcast

Recently, KoreConX President and CEO Oscar Jofre had the pleasure of joining Jason Fishman on the Digital Niche Agency podcast. Jason and DNA are valued KorePartners and their podcast Test. Optimize. Scale. feature actionable insight for industry leaders on how to grow and optimize brands.    In this episode, Jason and Oscar discuss how he…

by Hannah Melotto

KorePartner Spotlight: Jonny Price, Vice President of Fundraising at Wefunder

With the recent launch of the KoreConX all-in-one platform, KoreConX is happy to feature the partners that contribute to its ecosystem.   Jonny Price has always had an interest in economic development and a passion for economic justice and equity. In his first role in the fundraising sector, he worked for a company called Kiva,…

by Hannah Melotto

Conducting a Successful RegA+ Offering

If your company is looking to raise funding, you’ve probably considered many options for doing so. Since the SEC introduced the outlines for Regulation A+ in the JOBS Act, the amount companies are able to raise was increased to $75 million in January 2021 during rounds of funding from both accredited and non-accredited investors alike. If…

by Andrew Stephenson

CrowdCheck’s Analysis of the New Exempt Offerings Rules: Testing the Waters comes to Reg CF

While the costs of preparing an offering under Reg CF are significantly lower than other types of securities offerings, they can still be expensive in terms of professional and marketing fees prior to having any sense of whether the offering will be successful. The SEC heard the complaints from issuers on this point and have…

March 22, 2021

by Mark Roderick

Tax Alert for Sponsors and Fund Managers: IRS Issues Final Regulations for Carried Interests

Every real estate syndication and private investment fund involves a “carried interest” for the sponsor, also known as a “promoted interest.” The IRS just issued final regulations on how those interests are taxed. A carried interest is what the sponsor gets for putting the deal together. For example, a typical waterfall might provide that on…

March 19, 2021

by Hannah Melotto

The State of the Jobs Act 2021 KoreSummit Webinar

The JOBS Act was signed into law just nine years ago, in April of 2012. Since then, thousands of companies have taken advantage of the Act’s exemptions to raise capital for their companies.  More than half a million investors have participated, providing funding to these companies—and it’s just getting started!   The JOBS Act’s fundamentals…

March 12, 2021

by Hannah Melotto

Announcing the 2021 JOBS Act Program RegCF

KoreConX has long been dedicated to helping companies meet all regulatory compliance requirements in the most cost-effective way. This commitment continues with our complimentary 2021 JOBS Act Program for RegCF, which will enable eligible companies to use the KoreConX all-in-one platform for free. KoreConX pledges to make this available to companies who have completed, started,…

by Lahdan Rahmati

Regulation A+ Is Even Better After Passage Of The Economic Growth Act

On May 24, 2018, President Trump signed the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection Act (the Act) into law. The Act was introduced by Senator Mike Crapo, a Republican Senator from Idaho, in the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs on November 16, 2017. The 73-page-long Act contains a short…

by Mark Roderick

Using a Transfer Agent Doesn’t Mean You Have a Single Entry on Your Cap Table

Many issuers are concerned that “Crowdfunding will screw up my cap table.” In response, several Title III funding portals offer a mechanism they promise will leave only a single entry on the issuer’s cap table, no matter how many investors sign up. The claim is innocuous, i.e., it doesn’t really hurt anybody. But it’s also false….

by Hannah Melotto

KorePartner Spotlight: Shari Noonan, CEO and Co-Founder of Rialto Markets

With the recent launch of the KoreConX all-in-one RegA+ platform, KoreConX is happy to feature the partners that contribute to its ecosystem. With over 20 years of experience in financial services, Shari Noonan has been instrumental in the electronification of the equities market. Shari began her career in the ‘90s at an electronic trading pioneer…

February 19, 2021

by Hannah Melotto

What Role Does a Transfer Agent or Share Registry Provider Play?

For companies, both private and public, a transfer agent plays a vital role in financial success. With everything a company needs to keep track of on a day-to-day basis, maintaining an accurate record of shareholders is one of these important tasks. However, it is also time consuming, so having a transfer agent or share registry…

February 18, 2021

by Hannah Melotto

KoreConX CEO Oscar Jofre’s Interview on Recent EINBLICK Podcast

Recently, KoreConX President, CEO, and Co-Founder Oscar Jofre had the pleasure of joining Christian Klepp, Co-Founder of EINBLICK Consulting, on their podcast B2B Marketers on a Mission.    With Christian, Oscar discusses empowering and transforming the private capital markets through pivotal regulations enabling them to better raise capital. Along with these changes, companies need the…

by Hannah Melotto

What are Blue Sky Laws and Why are They Important?

Originating in the aftermath of the Great Depression, “blue sky laws” were made possible by the Uniform Securities Act of 1956. Leading up to the stock market crash of 1929, the SEC did not exist to regulate offerings and many investment deals offered great profits to increase their sale. Today, blue sky laws play a…

by Hannah Melotto

Can I Use My IRA for Private Company Investments?

Individual retirement accounts (commonly shortened to IRAs) allow flexibility and diversity when making investments. Whether investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, private companies, or other types of investments, IRAs can be useful tools when saving for retirement. While traditional IRAs limit investments to more standard options, such as stocks and bonds, a self-directed IRA allows…

by Daniel Eyman

409A – A Guide for Startups

We “Get It” We understand that the last thing any start-up wants to worry about is tax compliance, especially when you have so many other things to worry about. Like product development, sales, recruiting, etc.… But it is wise for a start-up to think about compliance early on to avoid potential penalties and distracting complications…

by Hannah Melotto

What is Investor Relations?

No matter the size of the company, investor relations (IR) should be a key component of conducting business. It’s never too early to implement a solid investor relations approach, but if your company has never tackled this issue, the term may seem confusing. Understanding what investor relations entail will allow your company to begin implementing…

by Hannah Melotto

How does Investor Acquisition Help Find the Right Investors?

If you’re a company that is in the process of raising funds for your business, you’re likely looking to do so with the help of investors. By trading a piece of your company in exchange for some much-needed capital, you can fund your ideas and the growth of your business. With Regulation A+ opening up…

by Hannah Melotto

What is Needed for a Successful RegA+ Offering

If your company is looking to raise funding, you’ve probably considered many options for doing so. Since the SEC introduced the outlines for Regulation A+ in the JOBS Act, companies have been able to raise amounts up to $50 million (which increases to $75 million in January 2021) during rounds of funding from both accredited…

by Hannah Melotto

Regulation A Offering Limits Increased to $75 Million

On Monday, November 2, exciting news was announced by the SEC regarding Regulation A offerings. The Securities and Exchange Commission approved long-awaited amendments to offering limits to “promote capital formation and expand investment opportunities.” These amendments, going into effect on January 2, 2021, drastically increase the amount of capital that issuers can raise through RegA+…

by Oscar Jofre

SEC Approves Increases to RegCF Maximum Offering and Investor Limits

On Monday, November 2, 2020 the SEC approved updates to Regulation Crowdfunding significantly increasing the limits of offering under this regulation. These changes will go into effect at the beginning of the coming year, January 2, 2021. This move will introduce new business opportunities to companies looking to raise capital. In their Monday press release,…

by Oscar Jofre

KoreSummit RegA+ 2020

KoreSummit is all about education,  We are pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to receive first-hand knowledge from leading thought leaders to help you in your journey to capital raising. The KoreSummit RegA+ 2020 online event was a huge success because of you who attended and shared it with your friends.  As…

by Oscar Jofre

Forbes interview with KoreConX founders

Start-Up KoreConX Launches A New Blockchain Network To Connect The Private Capital Market Robert AnzaloneContributor  Crypto & Blockchain Do you know how to invest in the private capital market?  Not many people do.  It is complicated, requires a lot of paperwork, has low transaction volume, comes with risk and volatility, and not very liquid. Could…

by Oscar Jofre

Equity Crowdfunding Platforms (RegCF)

As of 02 JUNE 2020, there are 51 active RegCF Equity Crowdfunding Platforms helping companies raise up to $1.0M USD. We are all anticipating that RegCF is going to be potentially increased to a $5 million funding cap.   The SEC has proposed this increase, along with some other changes, and many observers expect the Commission to…

by Oscar Jofre

FINRA BD Requirements for RegA+ & Digital Securities

FINRA BD Requirements for RegA+ & Digital Securities The private markets are receiving a much updated revamp by the SEC which is having a major impact on registered FINRA Broker-dealer firms.  Here are two (2) of the most common activities for which FINRA Broker-dealers (BD) are approached by companies.  Most BD’s are not aware that…

by Kendall Almerico

What is Reg A plus versus Reg A?

The simple answer is that today, Regulation A (Reg A) and Regulation A+ (Reg A+) are the exact same law. There is no difference, and the two terms may be used interchangeably. Some confusion stems from the two similar terms, and there is much misleading information about this online. I’ve even spoken at events where…

by Oscar Jofre

Global Crypto Twins one on one with Oscar Jofre co-founder of KoreConX

The Crypto Twins are well-recognized faces in the blockchain space and have been advocates and the voice for those who are supporting the global ecosystem of digital securities formation. This was a great interview by the Crypto Twins to gain insight from a global leading authority on where the market is moving towards.  What is…

by Oscar Jofre

Blockchain Radio’s one on one with KoreConX Chief Scientist/Technology Officer

This is a rare occasion to have our very own Dr. Kiran Garimella interviewed by Blockchain Radio’s Pierre Bourque, a leading talk show host for blockchain enthusiasts. Kiran highlights the need for trust, compliance, and investor protection in the private capital markets. This is why the participants on the KoreChain and the owners of KoreNodes,…

by Oscar Jofre

TalkCents Radio based in UAE interviews KoreConX Director MENA

So much of blockchain is spoken in USA, Europe here is TalkCents coming live from Dubai, UAE.  TalkCents brings the latest leaders in the MENA region. Our very own Edwin Lee has an opportunity to speak to TalkCents and discuss how KoreConX’s solution in the MENA region is leading for those who are looking to…

by Oscar Jofre

KoreConX launches $15M Digital Securities Offering using its own Fully-Compliant KoreProtocol

KoreConX is excited to announce its Digital Securities Offering that will utilize its own KoreProtocol. The KoreProtocol is the world’s first complete end-to-end protocol that has built-in AI to manage the entire lifecycle for tokenized securities, from issuance, trading, and all types of corporate actions. The global securities marketplace is changing, and the future is…

by Oscar Jofre

Reg A+ Webinar: Q&A Part I

The content on this webinar and associated blogs are provided for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal or other professional advice or an opinion of any kind. During our last Regulation A+ webinar with Sara Hanks and Darren Marble, we received dozens of questions about the topic. As promised, we have answered…

by Kiran Garimella

Minimizing Failure Vector Surfaces for Digital Securities

Modern capitalists and ancient Chinese may disagree on many things, but the one thing they do seem to agree on relates to security of the realm. George Washington, back in 1799, said, “…offensive operations, often times, is the surest, if not the only (in some cases) means of defence.” A similar sentiment can be seen…

by Oscar Jofre

Meet the KorePartners: David Benizri, Rivver

This post is part of a series of short interviews about the companies and faces that are part of the KorePartners Ecosystem*. We believe that behind every great company there are people, and behind every person, there is a story to tell. KorePartner: David Benizri, CEO & Co-Founder at Rivver Born in: Montreal, Canada Based…

by Oscar Jofre

Reg A+ Webinar: The Highlights

In our last webinar, we’ve talked about a very complex topic in the startup industry: The Regulation A+. For those of you who have never heard of it (no shame in learning, folks), Regulation A+, or Reg A, is a section of the JOBS Act that allows private companies to raise up to $ 50…

by Oscar Jofre

Digital Securities Webinar: Your Questions Answered!

We had an overwhelming response to our last webinar on Digital Securities. While Oscar Jofre and Darren Marble did their best to answer all the questions, we didn’t have time to go through it all. So as promised, here are the remaining questions from our Q & A on Digital Securities. If you missed the…

April 22, 2019

by Oscar Jofre

Webinar sheds light on Digital Securities Terrain

The regulator’s message is clear: there’s no room for tampering with the regulation when it comes to capital raising, and many companies that invested time and energy on ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) are now facing the consequences. But that doesn’t mean that the private capital markets are dead when it comes to digital assets, on…

by Oscar Jofre

Much Ado About Nothing: the SEC’s No-Action Letter

On April 3, the SEC issued its first no-action letter saying that the tokens proposed to be issued by the applicant, TurnKey Jet (or TKJ, a Florida-based charter airline operator), are not deemed securities. The actual letter is here. The media widely reported this using, in their headlines, the words “crypto”, “ICO”, and one reference…

by Oscar Jofre

Meet the KorePartners: Dan Eyman, Meld Valuation

This post is part of a series of short interviews about the companies and faces that are part of the KorePartners Ecosystem*. We believe that behind every great company there are people, and behind every person, there is a story to tell. KorePartner: Dan Eyman, Founder and Managing Director of Meld Valuation Born in: Seattle,…

by Oscar Jofre

Meet the KorePartners: Adrian Alvarez, InvestReady

This post is part of a series of short interviews about the companies and faces that are part of the KorePartners Ecosystem*. We believe that behind every great company there are people, and behind every person, there is a story to tell. KorePartner: Adrian Alvarez, Co-Founder & CEO at InvestReady Born in: Miami, USA Based in:…

by Oscar Jofre

Meet the KorePartners: Rick Tapia, Blockchain Agility

This post is part of a series of short interviews about the companies and faces that are part of the KorePartners Ecosystem*. We believe that behind every great company there are people, and behind every person, there is a story to tell. KorePartner: Rick Tapia, Chief Marketing Officer & Partner at Blockchain Agility Born in: Indianapolis,…

by Kiran Garimella

The Right Technology – The Case of Mercury Cash

Nothing proves the wisdom of choosing the right technology for the right job than the case of Mercury Cash, a hosted-wallet solution for real-time liquidation and transfer of cryptocurrency and fiat assets. Recognizing the importance of being prepared for a new cryptoworld, Mercury Cash set out to explore various blockchain protocols to find the one…

by Oscar Jofre

Meet the KorePartners: Luka Gubo, Blocktrade

  This post is part of a series of short interviews about the companies and faces that are part of the KorePartners Ecosystem*. We believe that behind every great company there are people, and behind every person, there is a story to tell. KorePartner: Luka Gubo, CEO at Blocktrade Born in: Celje, Slovenia Based in: Ljubljana, Slovenia…

by Kiran Garimella

Decentralized vs Distributed Systems Part I

Blockchain per se is not about decentralization; rather, it is a distributed system technology. The two terms, decentralized system and distributed system, are often confused, so much so that the term ‘blockchain’ seems almost synonymous with a public, decentralized system. The usual picture used to show the distinction between decentralized versus distributed systems is the…

by Oscar Jofre

Meet the KorePartners: Kyle Asman, BX3 Capital

This post is part of a series of short interviews about the companies and faces that are part of the KorePartners Ecosystem*. We believe that behind every great company there are people, and behind every person, there is a story to tell. KorePartner: Kyle Asman, BX3 Capital Born in: Livingston, USA Based in: New York,…

January 23, 2019

by Oscar Jofre

Meet the KorePartners: Michel Aliphon, SME Brokers

This week we are launching a special series to introduce you to our KorePartners. These are the people and companies who share KoreConX’s governance standards, such as Investor Protection, Compliance, Integration, Security, and Efficiency. We believe that behind every great company there are great people, and each of those people has a unique story to…

by Oscar Jofre

KoreChain & KoreContract

What is the KoreConX blockchain strategy & why choose KoreChain? In this video, KoreConX Co-Founder and CEO, Oscar Jofre, and our Chief Scientist/CTO, Kiran Garimella, share the details of our permissioned blockchain. Built on the Hyperledger Fabric, it is secure and governed with the ability to have full lifecycle management of contracts for tokenized securities…

by Kiran Garimella

Technologies of Blockchain Part 4: Conclusion

In parts 1, 2 and 3, we briefly touched on some of the historical foundations of blockchains from computer science and mathematics, including their sub-topics such as distributed systems and cryptography. Specific topics in either of these categories were consensus mechanisms, fault-tolerance, scaling, zero-knowledge proofs, etc. Obviously, this brief series doesn’t do justice. The history…

by Kiran Garimella

Technologies of Blockchain Part 3: Cryptography, Scaling, and Consensus

In Part 2, we saw how a simple concept of a linked list can morph into complex, distributed systems. Obviously, this is a simple, conceptual evolution leading up to blockchain, but it’s not the only way distributed systems can arise. Distributed systems need coordination, fault tolerance, consensus, and several layers of technology management (in the…

by Kendall Almerico

Lessons To Be Learned From The SEC’s Recent Penalties for ICO Companies

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently brought their regulatory hammer down on several ICO-related companies. After months of public statements from officials and rumors of numerous subpoenas and investigations, the SEC sent a strong and undeniable message to companies that have held unregulated initial coin offerings, and to those who are considering it. Don’t do it. There…

by Kiran Garimella

Technologies of Blockchain – Part 2: Distributed Systems

We saw in Part 1 that linked lists provide the conceptual foundation for blockchain, where a ‘block’ is a package of data and blocks are strung together by some type of linking mechanism such as pointers, references, addresses, etc. In this Part 2, we will see how this simple concept gives rise to powerful ideas…

by Kiran Garimella

Technologies of Blockchain – Part 1: The Foundations

Blockchain is not just a single technology but a package of a number of technologies and techniques. The rich lexicon in the blockchain includes terms such as Merkle trees, sharding, state machine replication, fault tolerance, cryptographic hashing, zero-knowledge proofs, zkSNARKS, and other exotic terms. In this four-part series, we will provide a very high-level overview…

by Kiran Garimella

The Three Fallacies of Smart Contracts

Smart contracts have become popular due to the extensibility of the Ethereum blockchain beyond its main foundation as a cryptocurrency platform, where it competes with Bitcoin. The phrase ‘smart contract’ caught on in the popular imagination. After all, contracts are important mechanisms for transacting business, and what better than to make our contracts smart with…

by Oscar Jofre

Difference between Crypto and Security Token

Is there a difference between cryptocurrency and a security token? The answer is yes, there is a big difference. And it is time we get these right so the thick fog around this topic can begin to clear up. It is very important to understand how each of them is very different from each other….

by Kiran Garimella

Joining Hyperledger to Revolutionize Tokenization of Private Securities Globally

We are thrilled to announce our membership in the Hyperledger Project. This was a carefully thought-out decision, but given the nature of our business, a fairly easy one to make. Our roots are in providing managed compliance-related services to private companies globally. Building on this experience and success, we are well into executing on our…

by Oscar Jofre

KoreSummit is honored to have Mr. David Weild IV as its keynote speaker

The first KoreSummit event just got even more interesting. We are thrilled to announce Mr. David Weild IV, the father of the JOBS Act, as our keynote speaker. Weild is currently CEO and Chairman of Weild & Co. He also gathers the expertise of the most competitive stock markets, as he was a former Vice…

by Oscar Jofre

KoreSummit – an opportunity to learn about what is a fully compliant Security Token

Security Token – and all the technology and buzzwords that go with it – is not an easy topic. Search these terms online, and you can get lost in a labyrinth of links, manuals and definitive guides. Above all, you will find many experts that will guarantee this is the next big thing and they…

by Oscar Jofre

Top Questions a Securities Lawyer will Ask an STO Issuer (in USA or Canada)

Security Token Offering is a serious business. The days of the ICO are over. These are clear messages not only from the SEC and other regulatory bodies but also from thoughtful and experienced professionals. The SEC, in particular, is delivering this message mainly through regulatory actions and the position of SEC Chairman Jay Clayton. Most…

by Oscar Jofre

Life of a Company

I know, the title is odd. But the goal is to show how a company is formed and what is required for it  to be maintained. What most of the public sees is only related to sales or marketing, never the insides of the corporate structure or management. The first step each of us make…

by Kiran Garimella

A Big Lesson from the Delaware Blockchain Amendments

Andrea Tinianow, the founding director of the Delaware Blockchain Initiative (and ‘Blockchain Czarina’), recently published a very insightful article on the significant gap in the mainstream protocols for security tokens. The gap is in the way the Delaware Blockchain Amendments are interpreted by the mainstream security token platforms. The Delaware Blockchain Amendments were an outcome…

by Kiran Garimella

A Security Token for Full Lifecycle Compliance

ICOs suffer from disapproval from not only the SEC but also several media that have banned ICO advertising. This disapproval seems justified, since many of the ICOs had no business plans, no product, no service, no credible team, and no roadmap for generating value. Of the remaining well-intentioned ones, the problem of passing regulatory scrutiny for…

by Jonathan Heymann

Capital Raising “Capital markets point of view” dealer

For private issuers, raising capital is the next natural step once you have exhausted other traditional forms of financing. It becomes even more enticing when you read about other firms doing it, and thinking why shouldn’t that be us. However, being prepared to take the issuer to the next level can be a source of…

by Oscar Jofre

What is Investor Relations for Private Companies?

While Investor Relations may seem like an all-encompassing term referring to the relationship between investors and the company that they invest in, in practice the definition is more precise. Investor Relations professionals are tasked with providing investors with up-to-date information on company affairs, so that private and institutional investors stay informed on the goings of…

by Oscar Jofre

Today Investors Want

The internet changed everything when it was first introduced but it has not been until now that Broker Dealers, Exempt Market Dealers (EMD) are playing catch up to what clients expect from them. Investor want this today: They ask for all this because in other parts of their daily lives they are doing their tasks…

April 22, 2018

by Jason Futko

What is Portfolio Management?

Anyone that invests in more than one company or investment asset has a portfolio of investments to manage. With global markets opening up and alternative finance platforms such as P2P (Peer to Peer) or Equity Crowdfunding platforms we are seeing a variety of new investments in private companies becoming available to non-accredited investors (non high…

by Jonathan Heymann

Hiring in the Securities Industry: What you Need to Know

Hiring a new employee can be challenging in any environment, but it’s even harder in the securities industry.  Employee not only have to be the right choice for the firm, but they must also pass muster with the securities regulators who approve registration. In reviewing an application for registration, the regulators focus on three key…

April 9, 2018

by Jonathan Heymann

Proficiency Requirements

Securities legislation is quite clear on what courses and designations you need in order to register in the various categories, but what relevant experience is sufficient is less clear cut. No matter the category you are applying under, the regulators must determine than individual is fit for registration. They look at the proficiency of the…

February 28, 2018

by Oscar Jofre

The Death of the ICO and the RISE of #TAO

The term ICO has been very confusing to the investing market, even those selling ICOs have no understanding of it — when you start asking questions people give you a look like a deer caught in headlights. So, what does ICO stand for? #ICO = Initial Coin Offering COIN = CURRENCY = MONEY The most…

February 6, 2018

by Jonathan Heymann

Product Due Diligence (Company/Issuer)

Dealing Representatives are only allowed to sell products that have been approved by the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) — and only after they’ve been trained on a product features, risks and costs. Depending on your firm’s size, product due diligence may be performed by the CCO herself, or by a dedicated corporate finance team. Here’s…

January 25, 2018

by Oscar Jofre

Wild Wild West of ICO’s time to move over, Regulated ICO’s are coming (#TAO)

Those that can remember the wild wild west of crowdfunding back in 2010-2011 will have a feeling of dejavu seeing the 2017 ICO market take off.  Not that crowdfunding ever saw the numbers that we are seeing in the ICO market, but that is because the securities regulators stepped in early when crowdfunding launched in…

January 23, 2018

by Oscar Jofre

Investor Relations Hashtag #IRPrivate

I know what you are thinking, why on earth do a blog regarding a hashtag.  Clearly everyone knows what Investor Relations (IR) is and how to find it. I felt that it was time to launch a new tool to find information about private companies online for 2018. Like any good article I wanted to make sure…

January 5, 2018

by Jason Futko

The Good, The Bad, and the Confusing Messaging

Think of yourself standing in front of a room full of strangers, about to give a speech on particle physics.  You don’t know if they are experts on the topic, or know nothing at all.  You don’t know what their interests are, what they think you’re going to tell them, what they want to hear…

January 2, 2018

by Jonathan Heymann

Compliance Review

Compliance Review Compliance reviews by regulators follow a prescribed format depending on what has triggered the visit, whether a full compliance review, targeted review or a for-cause review based on information that has come to their attention. But, during any type of review, there are certain deficiencies that are more significant than others. Here’s what…

December 14, 2017

by Oscar Jofre

Happy 2nd Anniversary KoreConX !

We are so excited to be celebrating the 2nd year anniversary of the KoreConX all-in-one business platform launch.  It’s amazing how fast the past 2 years have gone by.  We have made friends all over the world who have shared their stories of how they use KoreConX to manage their investments with our Portfolio Management tool and how managing their companies corporate information is so easy.

December 8, 2017

by Oscar Jofre

Yes ONE login Yes ONE platform

The All-in-ONE platform The promise land of technology since the early days (going back to the 80’s) was to have one platform to make us more efficient, bring us online to collaborate and connect to a variety of other technology services like Fintech, InsurTech, LegalTech, RegTech, etc. The internet changed a lot for businesses and…

November 16, 2017

by Oscar Jofre

Shareholders = Customers = Ambassadors

Each interview I’ve had in the past two weeks has asked a question about how some companies or outsiders believe that having a large pool of investors is not good for a company and is distracting. I pondered my response on a number of occasions and then I reflected on comments from the founders of…

by Jason Futko

Who is KoreConX

Welcome to the KoreConX blog. You are probably wondering who we are and what we do? As our first blog, we wanted to start by telling you our story, explaining what we do and our target audience. First lets start with our company name. For us, it was important to select a name that would…

November 5, 2017

by Oscar Jofre

Don’t Let Compliance Become Chaos

Are you spending too much time on compliance and getting frustrated with all the paperwork? Compliance Officers have to deal with compliance and regulatory issues on a daily basis, but it does not have to be a burden or paper shuffling affair. The smart Compliance Officers take control of their situation and find effective and efficient tools…

November 2, 2017

by Jonathan Heymann

How to Build an Effective Compliance System

Regulators are paying increasing attention to firms’ compliance structures to ensure there is a system of control and supervision in accordance with securities rules and regulations. The system should include internal procedures to detect non-compliance and contain remedies to resolve these issues. By implementing online technologies to assist and make compliance more efficient. Here’s what…

September 12, 2017

by Jason Futko

How should I manage my shareholders?

Just raised money via crowdfunding? Have you raised money traditionally several times and have lots of shareholders to manage? So, what is the best way to manage all your shareholders? Managing one’s shareholders via equity crowdfunding is something that gets raised a lot. It is a hot topic because now companies are finding they have…

by Oscar Jofre

All Hands On Deck

All too often, the responsibility of a company raising capital is left in the hands of a few people…and that weighs on them, affecting everyone. The majority of the team is left out of the process, carrying on day to day operations without input into where the company is going, and how it’ll get there….

by Jonathan Heymann

Three Compliance Commandments to Obey

Advisors have a duty to act fairly, honestly and in good faith with clients. To meet these obligations, they must know their clients, understand the products they sell them and ensure investments are suitable. KNOW YOUR CLIENT (KYC) Having clients complete a basic KYC form isn’t enough. You also need to make detailed notes about…

May 23, 2017

by Oscar Jofre

Entrepreneurs Get Naked for Money

I think you should get naked. There’s a reason why people have nightmares about being naked in front of a crowd, and it’s because they hate the idea of being that vulnerable.  As an entrepreneur, it can be even more daunting.  Your success or failure depends on what that crowd decides, and you’ve likely been…

by Jonathan Heymann

Becoming an EMD

So, you’re thinking of setting up your own Exempt Market Dealer “EMD”. Starting your own firm, along with the additional compliance responsibilities, can be daunting, but being your own boss can be rewarding. Since NI 31-103 was enacted in 2009, regulators have imposed more obligations on EMD registrants: audit, insurance, proficiency, and now Chief Compliance Officer experience…

by Jason Futko

Equity vs. Debt Crowdfunding

There is a lot of media focus on crowdfunding, but sometimes the types of crowdfunding are not properly distinguished. You hear a lot about the Kickstarter’s and Indiegogo’s of the world and people are confusing these with actual investments in companies. To understand debt (lending) vs. equity based crowdfunding you must first know the four…

April 29, 2017

by Oscar Jofre

Role for Corporate Secretaries in Companies with Equity Crowdfunding?

The Corporate Secretary’s role to date has only been utilized, appreciated and well understood by listed companies and larger private company enterprises. Rules mandate their extensive role in corporate governance. Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups however, have not seen the importance of this role in their business and have very little understanding on…

by Oscar Jofre

What will happen to blockchain in 2017?

Banks are beginning to recognise the potential of blockchain. Oscar Jofre looks at what this could mean for financial services in 2017. Blockchain is transformative. It has this massive potential to alter the economic framework, bringing it in line with the age of the internet. What’s been holding it back thus far has been the…

December 6, 2016

by Jason Futko

​Size Matters: How to Manage Shareholders Under Title III

Most companies go out to raise capital knowing exactly what they’ll do with the money once they have it. They’ve got an itemized plan broken down by category, and by months and years, but they forget about the source of that cash: Their new shareholders. If your company is thinking of raising capital, your shareholder…

October 10, 2016

by Oscar Jofre

Perspective: Alternative Finance in Asia

I’ve been in Shanghai and Hong Kong quite often over the last few months, speaking at events and meeting with partners. As a Canadian, what struck me most is scale. There is outstanding potential here, and that in itself isn’t at all surprising; but for alternative finance, the Asia-Pacific region has progressed at breakneck speed….

June 16, 2016

by Oscar Jofre

Fintech and Equity Crowdfunding in Germany

FinTech is about to get an upgrade. In 2016, get ready to see GermTech – the entry and infectious spread of high potential German technological financing companies. With investments nearly quadrupling since 2013, seed funding expected to grow well into 2016, and a well-defined main hub (Berlin, Rhein-Main-Neckar region, and Munich), Germany is poised to become a…

June 13, 2016

by Oscar Jofre

The Double-D (as in Due Diligence)

Get your mind out of the gutter!   Now, when you first saw the title, you asked yourself what business has to do with anything relating to double-Ds – of any kind. We’re talking about Due Diligence.  Sexy, isn’t it? Due diligence is a topic that gets a lot of people talking and writing, but they…

June 3, 2016

by Oscar Jofre

Fintech: The New World Order

Like most of you today, I spend a lot of time reading about fintech. You can get massive amounts of news reports and companies talking about fintech, saying that they’re part of it. But what does “fintech” really mean? Fintech is not new, but it has been given a facelift. Most would say that financial technology…

May 9, 2016

by Jason Futko

The U.K.’s Mature Financial Disruption: What the Rest of Us Can Learn

I’ve spent a lot of time in the UK lately, and it’s been on my mind even more. I was just there for the AltFi Europe Summit, and for the launch of The World’s First Fintech Book (I happen to be one of the authors), and while I learned plenty, what stick with me now wasn’t…

May 4, 2016

by Oscar Jofre

Trance Music and Equity Crowdfunding

You might not guess it looking at me, but I <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener nofollow”>love trance music</a>. I have been a big fan of trance all of my life, and it makes sense for me. It’s something that I just <em>get</em>. As I write this article I am listing to the state of trance sounds…

May 1, 2016

by Oscar Jofre

The R.A.B.B.I.T. Race: The Importance of The Crowd, and the R.A.B.B.I.T Report

The tortoise may sometimes beat the rabbit, but in technology, it’s rarely much of a race. CB Insights CEO Anand Sanwal said <a href=”;IR=T” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”>just this</a>: that rabbits – real actual business building interesting tech – were needed for the 21st century. This means grounding a company’s’ operations. It implies avoiding the…

April 19, 2016

by Oscar Jofre

World Domination: The New Fintech

Banking, finance, and insurance have been largely constant and unchanging for decades. It’s been the very definition of an “old boys’ club”, static, institution, monopolistic, and powerful. Competition hasn’t come from within, at least not to the same extent that it once did, with monster banks working hard to simply take chunks out of each other. Fintech is…

April 11, 2016

by Oscar Jofre

Holy Grail of Regulated Crowdfunding

Travelling around the world gives you great perspective on many things.  From the people, culture, food, and market, to how everyone has their own way of getting things done. I spent the tail end of 2015 in airports and on airplanes travelling around the world to speak at conferences, and it has fundamentally changed my…

February 9, 2016

by Oscar Jofre

Its great to be Canadian eh !!

It’s an exciting time to be in Canada. On March 20, 2014, the Canadian regulators proposed 4 ways that companies can raise capital in Canada via equity crowdfunding, and more importantly 4 ways investors can invest. This is a great start!!! There is no longer going to be the issue of a investment gap in…

June 18, 2015

by Jason Futko

Equity Crowdfunding Eco-System

Like any new business sector you need to look at the entire eco-system to understand how it works. Back in 2003 I had the pleasure of been given a great education from one of the leading VC firms about eco-systems. During the meeting the VC expressed an interest in our opportunity but provided us a…

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