KoreConX all-in-one platform KoreConX all-in-one platform

Empowering growth.

Cannabis market is becoming an evergreen sector and Arcview Group, alongside KoreConX, can help you raise $75 million dollars in a safe, compliant and multi-currency ecosystem.

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    Streamline your capital raising

    Our exclusive KorePartners, allow companies to accept credit cards for their RegCF and RegA+ offerings, facilitating the process of raising capital and providing more options to complement wire transfer, ACH, and Crypto payments.

    Stay Private

    Stay private

    Your company doesn't need the rush to go public, but still can raise money in a private, fully compliant way, and manage the lifecycle of your shareholders, all directly from your website.

    Discover opportunities

    Discover opportunities

    Raise capital from accredited and non-accredited investors, their customers, their brand advocates, those who understand your business deeply.

    Find what suits you better

    Find what suits
    you better

    With Arcview Group and KoreConX's help, decide what fits your company among multiple options.

    Escrow Providers Escrow Providers

    With our Escrow Providers, the transactions will be safer, as the assets of the buyer and the seller are ensured to be protected until both parties have met their obligations for the agreement.

    Credit cards

    Partnership with SecureTranz allows companies to accept credit cards for you RegA+ and RegCF offerings, providing more options to raise the necessary capital in our unique All-In-One-Platform.