Get a better
business engine

Deal flow is what keeps your firm running, and with KoreConX, you can optimize it while reducing compliance costs.

Using KoreConX ensures that companies raising capital for RegD, RegCF, and RegA+ are provided a seamless, efficient way to raise their capital and are able to have their private company shares traded on the secondary market.

When firms move from purely manual processes (phone calls, personalized emails) to leveraging digital technology, they generally adopt one or many of the following:

  • Compliance
  • Issuance
  • Data Room
  • E-Signature
  • Email Marketing
  • Payment Rails
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Bad Actor
  • Investor Accreditation
  • Escrow Services
  • Secondary Market Trading
  • Digital Securities/Digital Assets Security Tokens/NFT

While each of these components is powerful, if they're not fully-integrated, it leaves much room for error and processes can actually become more cumbersome. Integrating them adds thunder and lightning to the equation! Our Compliance Platform brings all this in one platform end to end (primary to secondary market) to meet your FINRA requirements for KYC and KYP.

To date, our clients have raised over $2B, and offerings are closing 10x faster using our fully integrated Compliance Platform.

Fully Compliant

With an integrated compliance platform to maintain KYC, AML, ID verification, Investor verification, Bad Actor, Blue Sky, and National Securities Manual requirements, compliance is made easier and faster than ever.


Backed by KoreChain, a fully decentralized permissioned blockchain, KoreConX is the first to provide a fully compliant end-to-end solution for the private capital markets (primary to secondary).


Information within the Compliance Platform is cross-linked to SEC Registered Transfer Agent “KoreTransfer”, Secondary Market Trading, company Cap Table, Shareholder Portfolio, and other functionality in the All-In-One Platform to eliminate duplication of entry and reconciliation efforts.

Payment Rails

An essential element to Funding Portals. Payment rails are fully integrated with our Compliance Platform: Escrow, Credit Card, ACH, Crypto, and IRA. With our promise, we provide you a cost-based solution, so you never overpay.


The KoreConX Compliance Platform manages the entire lifecycle of fundraising. Simplify the process with a single platform for all your funding portal’s needs.

Compliance Made Simple

A fully integrated Compliance Platform that connects your firm's business to the way you work. We provide three different solutions:

  • API integration to what you currently have
  • Issuance
  • Capital Markets Platform
"KoreConX’s compliance platform is a game changer for online capital formation. This partnership will allow our firm to help companies raise capital online more efficiently and provide us all the compliance requirements we need. It will also allow us to provide tools that will improve shareholder communications and transparency for our issuers. These benefits cannot be understated in our ever-evolving private capital world."

Curtis Serna, president, and CEO of Andes Capital.