Kiran Garimella

A Big Lesson from the Delaware Blockchain Amendments

Andrea Tinianow, the founding director of the Delaware Bl...
Kiran Garimella

A Security Token for Full Lifecycle Compliance

ICOs suffer from disapproval from not only the
Kiran Garimella

Introducing the KoreChain

The KoreChain is the first blockchain on a serious industrial-strength infras...
Jonathan Heymann

Capital Raising “Capital markets point of view̶...

For private issuers, raising capital is the next natural step once you have exhausted other traditional forms of fi...

What is Investor Relations for Private Companies?

While Investor Relations

StartUp Law 101

Late last year I had the opportunity to collaborate with Catherine Lovrics, B.A., LL.B at Bereskin & Parr LLP, ...

Today Investors Want

The internet changed everything when it was first introduced but it has not been until now that Broker Dealers, Exempt Market Dealers (EMD) are pla...
Jason Futko

What is Portfolio Management?

Anyone that invests in more than one company or investment asset has a portfolio of investments to manage. With glo...
Jonathan Heymann

Hiring in the Securities Industry: What you Need to Know

Hiring a new employee can be challenging in any environment, but it’s even harder in the securities industry.  Emplo...
Jonathan Heymann

Proficiency Requirements

Securities legislation is quite clear on what course...