Author: Jonathan Heymann

Jonathan Heymann began his career in the financial services industry working at Spectrum United, a mutual fund company. In 1999, Jonathan joined the Ontario Securities Commission and within two years became a Supervisor in the OSC Contact Centre, where he developed a broad knowledge of the Capital Markets in Canada and particularly the role of compliance.

by Jonathan Heymann

Capital Raising “Capital markets point of view” dealer

For private issuers, raising capital is the next natural step once you have exhausted other traditional forms of financing. It becomes even more enticing when you read about other firms doing it, and thinking why shouldn’t that be us. However, being prepared to take the issuer to the next level can be a source of…

by Jonathan Heymann

Hiring in the Securities Industry: What you Need to Know

Hiring a new employee can be challenging in any environment, but it’s even harder in the securities industry.  Employee not only have to be the right choice for the firm, but they must also pass muster with the securities regulators who approve registration. In reviewing an application for registration, the regulators focus on three key…

April 9, 2018

by Jonathan Heymann

Proficiency Requirements

Securities legislation is quite clear on what courses and designations you need in order to register in the various categories, but what relevant experience is sufficient is less clear cut. No matter the category you are applying under, the regulators must determine than individual is fit for registration. They look at the proficiency of the…

February 28, 2018

by Jonathan Heymann

Product Due Diligence (Company/Issuer)

Dealing Representatives are only allowed to sell products that have been approved by the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) — and only after they’ve been trained on a product features, risks and costs. Depending on your firm’s size, product due diligence may be performed by the CCO herself, or by a dedicated corporate finance team. Here’s…

January 25, 2018

by Jonathan Heymann

Compliance Review

Compliance Review Compliance reviews by regulators follow a prescribed format depending on what has triggered the visit, whether a full compliance review, targeted review or a for-cause review based on information that has come to their attention. But, during any type of review, there are certain deficiencies that are more significant than others. Here’s what…

December 14, 2017

by Jonathan Heymann

How to Build an Effective Compliance System

Regulators are paying increasing attention to firms’ compliance structures to ensure there is a system of control and supervision in accordance with securities rules and regulations. The system should include internal procedures to detect non-compliance and contain remedies to resolve these issues. By implementing online technologies to assist and make compliance more efficient. Here’s what…

September 12, 2017

by Jonathan Heymann

Three Compliance Commandments to Obey

Advisors have a duty to act fairly, honestly and in good faith with clients. To meet these obligations, they must know their clients, understand the products they sell them and ensure investments are suitable. KNOW YOUR CLIENT (KYC) Having clients complete a basic KYC form isn’t enough. You also need to make detailed notes about…

May 23, 2017

by Jonathan Heymann

Becoming an EMD

So, you’re thinking of setting up your own Exempt Market Dealer “EMD”. Starting your own firm, along with the additional compliance responsibilities, can be daunting, but being your own boss can be rewarding. Since NI 31-103 was enacted in 2009, regulators have imposed more obligations on EMD registrants: audit, insurance, proficiency, and now Chief Compliance Officer experience…

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