Author: Jason Fishman

by Jason Fishman

Hosting Webinars For Your Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

This article was originally written by our KorePartners at DNA. View the original post here.    Why are webinars so important for your equity crowdfunding…

by Jason Fishman

How to Ensure Your Marketing is Compliant During an Equity Crowdfunding Raise

You may be wondering, “Why is a marketing agency talking about compliance?”. We’re obviously not lawyers, but it is pivotal that compliance is offered at…

by Jason Fishman

Why Digital Marketing is The Key to “Always Raising” Capital

In a recent webinar with StartEngine, Kevin O’Leary succinctly said, “great companies that are growing need money, and they should get it.”   With today’s…

by Jason Fishman

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Equity Crowdfunding Portal

Written by KorePartner Jason Fishman at DNA. See the original post here.   Before the new SEC regulations, about 20% of Reg CF campaigns hit…

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