Author: Guilherme Casimiro

by Guilherme Casimiro

KoreConX Webinar: Why cannabis and RegA+ are the perfect match!

A virtual event held by KoreConX that featured Cannabis experts and Top Thoughts Leaders discussing the potential and possibilities of raising money using Regulation A+ [New York, NY – 03 November 2021 ] – The KoreSummit, an event created by KoreConX to explore major aspects of the capital raising journey, Equity Crowdfunding and technology with…

November 4, 2021

by Guilherme Casimiro

KoreConX’s KoreChain Infrastructure Leveraged by SEC-Qualified Companies Raising Capital

The KoreConX All-In-One Platform is the first to market with a fully compliant blockchain technology (KoreChain) to connect investors, companies, broker-dealers, secondary market ATS, and all stakeholders to the private capital markets NEW YORK, October 27, 2021 ( – KoreConX’s Infrastructure of Trust launched in 2016 is a cornerstone of the private market’s capital-raising ecosystem,…

October 27, 2021
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