Meet the KorePartners: Kyle Asman, BX3 Capital

This post is part of a series of short interviews about the companies and faces that are part of the KorePartners Ecosystem*.

We believe that behind every great company there are people, and behind every person, there is a story to tell.

KorePartner: Kyle Asman, BX3 Capital

Born in: Livingston, USA
Based in: New York, USA

What was your first job?
My first job was as a Bank Teller.

How and when did you get involved in the business industry?
Growing up as a kid down the shore I had a close family friend who was a day trader, and I was fascinated by markets, their pace, their complexity and the impact they had on the world. Billions of dollars are flying around the globe every single second.

How do you see the Financial Markets scenario today?
I see tremendous opportunity that financial markets have created today that wasn’t present five or 10 years ago. You can be in any corner of the globe, and still be a member of the global economy.

In that aspect, is it possible to have an idea of what the next five years will bring?
I think digital currencies will allow a number of new businesses to be created, and wealth to begin accumulating in the emerging markets around the globe. For the first time, I think we are going to see real economic growth and opportunity come from emerging markets.

What does your company bring to the KorePartners Ecosystem?
We bring expertise in PR, Tax, Accounting, and Business Strategy. We have helped dozens of companies over the course of the years. We are proud to be experts in our respective industries, and sharing that knowledge to help grow new businesses.

What is it about the partnership with KoreConX that most aligns with your company strategy?
The KoreConx team shares a similar ethos to BX3 Capital. We are like-minded in that we are both focused on building companies, not just simply turning a profit.

*The KorePartners Ecosystem is a group of organizations that follows our governance standards and share with us the same goal: to provide entrepreneurs with the tools they need to grow their business.


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