KoreChain & KoreContract

What is the KoreConX blockchain strategy & why choose KoreChain?

In this video, KoreConX Co-Founder and CEO, Oscar Jofre, and our Chief Scientist/CTO, Kiran Garimella, share the details of our permissioned blockchain. Built on the Hyperledger Fabric, it is secure and governed with the ability to have full lifecycle management of contracts for tokenized securities for global private capital markets.


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Larissa Veloso

Larissa Veloso

Larissa Veloso is a Communications Specialist and enthusiast of technologies such as cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Before moving to Canada and becoming a marketer, Larissa worked for ten years as a journalist in Brazilians newsrooms, writing and editing for websites, radio, magazines, and newspapers. She also won two awards for special stories.

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